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Ask The Expert – Mike Moretti

AskThe Expert - Mike Moretti

Mike Moretti, Owner
Top Line Appliance Center

When doing a whole kitchen remodel, what comes first? Where do you begin?

In today’s world of kitchen design, you’d typically meet with a cabinet designer first. The designer most likely would then send you to an appliance store like ours to make some preliminary selections. My suggestion is this:

     1. Pick out your wish list in terms of layout, and what I mean by that is 30″ range or 36″, or do I want a double wall oven with a cooktop or rangetop? Built-in refrigerator versus freestanding?

For most people, this is a lot to figure out on your first trip. Also try and get a feel for your budget. After that first trip, take that back to the cabinet maker to see if what you came up with will even work for your kitchen.

     2. After they’ve told you what will work, then it’s time to set your wish list and choose the best appliance in each category. If some brands do not fit your budget, then look for the best alternative until you have found what will work best for you and your kitchen. As I tell all my customers, we see the same people many times before they actually make a purchase. Appliance stores like us at Top Line are here each step of the way to help you find what works best.

So once a customer now has a place to start, what are some of the latest trends available in kitchen appliances?

In high end kitchens, the new trend is a fully flush integrated look. This can be in stainless or wood panel appliances, and it’s where the appliance sits flush with the adjacent cabinets. It gives a true custom look and finish when all completed.

More and more brands are making their products compatible to be built-in or fully flush, but it is very important to work with a professional to make sure it all comes together the correct way. High end brands such as Sub Zero, Wolf, Miele, Thermador, and Jenn-Air offer such products in their line up but can be very hard for designers and contractors to understand and get it right. I strongly suggest dealing with a network of professionals who can speak the same language and work together to make sure the design and placement of utilities are correct to give you a proper end


As far as maintenance is concerned, do appliances come with a warranty?

Most appliances come with a one-year, 100% parts and labor warranty. Some brands such as Sub Zero, Wolf and Jenn-Air will increase that warranty if you choose professional installation of the appliances. In addition, extended service contracts can be purchased to give you peace of mind for your appliances.

When considering where to buy your appliances, what are the pros and cons of small vs. big box stores?

The most common mistake is to compare an appliance specialty store to one of the big box homeowner centers. Appliances can be very complex when it comes to selection, but it becomes even harder to fulfill the deliveries and installation and years of service involved. The big box home owner centers have added these to their product line up

but do none of the back end leg work and rely heavily on sub-contractors. When there is a problem it can leave the home owner struggling to get quick and responsive service. So my suggestion is to stay with a true appliance company, large or small, but committed to the industry 100%.