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Thank you to the designers that joined us this week for CEU Training in the Wall showroom.  The topic was: Emerging Technologies Impacting Kitchen Design: What’s New in Kitchen Ventilation?  The presentation was by Bridgitte of Jenn-Air and explored cooking appliances, new technologies, how technologies impact the placement of the appliance and the surrounding storage space for the appliance and LED lighting.



Here’s what you need to know when you’re considering ventilation.

Think about esthetics, and how you like to cook.

Several factors should go into your decision on the type of ventilation you select for your kitchen. An important one has to do with your design preference: Do you like the idea of a visible hood above your cooking appliance? Or do you prefer an open space, with ventilation that remains unseen—or appears only when needed?

Before you decide on a specific ventilation system, also think about your overall kitchen space and even the way you like to cook and entertain. Do you plan to place a cooktop or rangetop on an island, or will your cooking appliance be placed against a wall? Do you like to interact with guests as you cook or do you typically prepare everything before guests arrive? Hood placement, duct-free options and noise levels are all important facets of your choice for ventilation.

There are two main types of ventilation: vented and duct-free.

Many homes have exterior venting—ductwork that vents outside—allowing for either vented or duct-free installation. Many other homes, however, do not offer exterior venting: multi-housing units like apartments and condos, homes with slab construction or with other venting restrictions such as no basement. This requires different installation and set-up for a ventilation appliance, such as a duct-free kit for a downdraft cooktop or recirculating option for a microwave-hood combination.

A vented exhaust system pulls smoke, steam and odors out of the air above the cooking surface and expels them outside through ductwork. Both hoods and downdraft cooktop options can be vented. If your kitchen includes an exterior wall, a vented exhaust system may be a good option. This means you can install a hood above your cooking surface.

Duct-free ventilation captures smoke, steam and cooking odors and expels them through a filter, then recirculates the clean air. Select downdraft cooktops can be converted to a duct-free ventilation kit, providing you with a variety of ventilation options. And, many Jenn-Air® hoods can be set up to recirculate.

CFM ratings help you determine the proper ventilation level.

A CFM rating is a measure of the air-capturing power of your ventilation system. CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is directly related to the level of BTUs (see below) your appliance outputs. The higher the BTUs, the higher the CFM should be.

It’s important to make sure you select a correctly sized ventilation unit as well as opt for the proper CFM level. Check the product specifications of your cooking appliance to determine the minimum CFM requirements. Your CFM requirement is also a function of how far the ventilation exhaust has to travel along ductwork before it’s expelled; the longer the ductwork, the higher the CFM should be.

Assessing the correct CFM rating is important for delivering the proper level of ventilation for your heat output and the amount of smoke, steam and cooking odors generated. A too-low rating might not thoroughly clear the air; an overly high rating might capture too much heated or air-conditioned air within your kitchen environment.

Consider the power of your cooking appliance and the type of cooking techniques you use frequently. Searing, blackening and frying often require more ventilation power to clear the air as you cook, whereas simmering and sautéing require less.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the measure of a burner’s energy output, and refer to gas burners. Higher BTU output means higher heat—important for cooking techniques like searing. Lower BTU output means lower heat—important when melting butter or simmering delicate sauces.

Each burner has its own BTU measurement; your appliance’s total BTU level will determine the CFM rating required for proper ventilation.

There are several ventilation mounting options.

The type of ventilation mounting you choose will depend largely on the location of your cooktop within your kitchen. Also consider how you like to cook. For instance, do you frequently sear, blacken or flash-fry? This determines how much ventilation power you’ll need.

Wall mount hoods are a good option when your cooktop is positioned next to a wall. They offer powerful ventilation. Many of our models feature commercial-style design.

Island mount hoods essentially “float” directly over where your cooktop is placed within an island, for powerful ventilation right where it’s needed.

Low profile hoods offer a more minimal-looking installation but offer slightly less powerful ventilation than other hood types. They install directly underneath the cabinet situated above your cooking surface.

Microwave hood combinations offer space-saving design by featuring a microwave with a built-in ventilation system. They can be installed above a cooking appliance to provide ventilation for smoke, steam and cooking odors, and can be vented or set to recirculate.

Perimetric hoods, designed to hang on the wall like a work of art, offer powerful ventilation and will make a dramatic statement in your kitchen.

Telescoping downdraft ventilation can be installed directly into the cooking surface for a streamlined look. Its slim exhaust fan appears with the push of a button to capture smoke directly at cooking surface level, and then disappears when no longer needed.

Custom hood liners are ideal to achieve a distinctive ventilation look. They feature a ventilation system mounted to the inside of a custom vent cover. The cover can be made of metal, wood, plaster or tile, to complement cabinetry or make a bold statement. It offers you a choice of motors for different levels of ventilation power.

Choose a style that combines power and beauty.

Jenn-Air® ventilation systems are available in a wide variety of styles to suit your personal style and enhance the look of your kitchen, from statement-making perimetric hoods to commercial-style wall-mount hoods to unobtrusive telescoping downdrafts. We also offer a variety of finishes to complement your appliances and contrast beautifully with cabinetry.




Coming to Top Line Appliance Showrooms this October!

Imagine the surprise of opening a refrigerator and finding a dramatic and sophisticated deep charcoal interior instead of the traditional white one. This is just what luxury appliance innovator Jenn-Air intended with three new refrigerators featuring a stunning black interior called Obsidian.


“Black lends a very flattering and sophisticated look to this collection and gives everything within the refrigerator more prominence and visual pop,” notes Juliet Johnson, manager of brand experience for Jenn-Air. “The dramatic interior shade extends the elegant design of our products from outside to inside the appliance, and puts food on display in an impressive, pristine way.”

The new refrigerators include a 36” Built-In 2-Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator/Freezer model along with 36”and 42” Fully-Integrated French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator/Freezer models. All new models feature a specially designed articulated hinge that installs for a fully-integrated and flush appearance. All are panel ready, allowing for the use of custom panels that blend seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry. Stainless steel doors are also offered in a sleek Euro-Style
and commercial-like Pro-Style®. These newest refrigerators are among 50 new SKUs being introduced by Jenn-Air in 2014.

Aside from the distinctive Obsidian interior and a refined electronic interface, multi-point LED lighting throughout the cabinet offers an added element of wonder as it emphasizes the metallic accent in the dark charcoal pigment that makes the interior sparkle. Soft close drawers, similar to those found in high-end cabinetry, add a further touch of luxury. The new models offer a TwinFresh® climate control system
that uses dual evaporators to provide two distinct environments for high humidity refrigerator air versus dry freezer air.

Jenn-Air 36″ Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System


A powerful new idea in ventilation.
It’s here. The new Accolade™ Downdraft Ventilation System, offering an entirely unprecedented design and powerful performance. Its handcrafted, curved hood gracefully rises and retracts to clear the air. It can even handle the smoke and steam created by high-heat cooking, beautifully and quietly. With its sleek style and commercial-grade power, ventilation has never been so dramatic—or so understated.

Jenn-Air kitchen package installation

Check out the following pictures of a Jenn-Air kitchen package going in a Wayne, NJ home.


JGCP436WP – 36″ Pro-Style® Gas Rangetop

JFC2290VEM – 72″(h) Cabinet Depth French Door Refrigerator with Internal Dispenser

JJW2730WS – 30″ Double Wall Oven with Upper MultiMode® Convection Wall Ovens 

JDB8200AWS – TriFecta™ Dishwasher with 46 dBA

JMD2124WS – 24″ Under Counter Microwave Oven with Drawer Design

Best PK2238 Hood – 38″ Stainless Steel Built-In Range Hood with 1000 CFM Internal Blower

image11 image10image2image3image
image4image8 image5 image7 image9

This is what a Jenn-Air kitchen install looks like…

Jenn-Air kitchen install in a West Orange, NJ home.

Altering the existing cabinetry to fit a JMW3430WS (30″ Combination Oven with V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System) and JWD2130WP (30″ Warming Drawer).

progressJMD2124WS: 24″ Under Counter Microwave Oven with Drawer Design

JXW8030WS: 30″ Euro-Style Wall-Mount Canopy Hood

JS42PPDUDB: 42″ Built In Side by Side Refrigerator with Dispenser




How cool is this? iPhone app from Jenn-Air

With DesignVision, you can instantly transform your kitchen by trying Jenn-Air® appliances on for size. This first-of-its kind iPhone app lets you select Jenn-Air® appliances and finishes and instantly see how they look in your kitchen. Simply position an appliance over the current one, take and share photos, get dimensions and find showrooms. It’s an inspiring way to envision a new look for your

NEW Jenn-Air Hood in our Wall showroom

Glass Collection Perimetric Hood, 32″

model: JXP5032WS


This Jenn-Air® luxury perimetric hood, which hangs on the wall like a work of art, will create a dramatic statement in any kitchen. Featuring sleek Glass Collection design, it provides powerful ventilation with a 600 CFM blower, four different fan speed settings and concealed controls.


Jenn-Air hood

Jenn-Air hood


600 CFM High-Performance BlowerA single centrifugal blower motor design allows the ventilation system to operate at up to 600 CFM to quickly remove smoke, steam and cooking odors.

Perimetric DesignThe sophisticated, minimal design features a wide, forward-facing ventilation surface that captures smoke, steam and cooking odors. Traditional hoods hang above the cooking surface with a downward-facing ventilation surface.

Recirculating Installation Option (Recirculation Kit Required)This kit or option allows the ventilation system to pull air through a charcoal filter, eliminating impurities and returning fresh air to the kitchen.

Additional Features

  • Three Fan Speed SettingsThree different settings on this luxury custom hood liner allow you to control the ventilation level for optimum performance and energy efficiency.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Premium Mesh FiltersThese premium mesh filters, which effectively capture smoke, grease and cooking odors as they’re drawn through the hood, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Two Halogen LightsTwice as energy efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent light bulbs, these halogen lights beautifully illuminate the cooking surface from above.
  • 8-Inch Round Exterior VentingThe 8-inch round exterior ventilation system allows ductwork to extend through an outer wall or the roof of a home.
  • 3 1/4″ x 10″ Rectangular Exterior VentingThe 3¼” x 10″ rectangular exterior ventilation system allows ductwork to extend through an outer wall or the roof of a home.
  • Concealed ControlsThis luxury perimetric hood achieves a sleek, minimal exterior with controls that are hidden from sight.
  • 8.5 Sone RatingWith an exceptionally quiet 8.5 sone rating, operating noise is kept to a minimum.

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