New Product from Dacor: Discovery WineStation

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Discovery WineStation
The Discovery WineStation® is the first automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. The connoisseur can choose the right wine and just the right amount – a taste, a half glass or a full glass – with the touch of a finger. In the kitchen, bar, den, game room or wine cellar, the Dacor Discovery WineStation is a perfect addition to your customer’s home and maintains the freshness of their favorite wine selections.

The WineStation’s proprietary Argon Gas Preservation System lets your customers open and enjoy a variety of wines and vintages for up to 60 days without the need to discard or consume unused portions. The environmentally-friendly and energy efficient Thermo-Electric Cooling System sets the ideal temperature for either red or white wine without the use or need of hazardous pollutants or refrigerants.

The stainless steel finish is a designers dream because the WineStation seamlessly blends into any decor, from classic to contemporary. The LCD screens and touch control panel can display wine varieties, vintages, temperature settings and pouring volume. In addition, the interface permits your customers to enter their unique finds and private collections. For peace of mind, each WineStation comes standard with a locking door to prevent children or strangers from accessing or operating the WineStation when left unattended.

The clear advantage of the WineStation is the patented CleanPour™ head that simplifies bottle changing and is easy to clean. With the WineStation there are no fixed tubes or plumbing to be flushed with chemicals or cleaning solutions every time the customer changes a bottle. The pouring head is fitted with an easy to adjust gasket designed to seal the bottle when the cork has been removed. Once oxygen has been purged, it’s replaced by Argon Gas which prevents oxidation and allows the wine to remain fresh for up to 60 days without the loss of flavor or natural aroma.

The CleanPour heads, approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), need only a quick rinse in hot water and your customer is ready to add a new bottle. With independent heads, bottles are never locked in and can be removed easily to make room for a new tasting.

The Dacor WineStation is a “must have” for home entertaining.

A Gorgeous Kitchen!

We are blown away by this beautiful kitchen!  Featuring Side by Side, fully integrated, panel ready Sub Zero refrigeration.  And Sub Zero refrigerator drawers, Fisher & Paykel dishwasher drawers, a Miele dishwasher, Wolf cooktop, Viking double wall oven, and a hidden GE profile microwave (built into a flip up cabinet).  Don’t you love it all?

If you’re curious, the Cabinetry was done by Design Line Kitchens in Sea Girt.

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